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Wisconsin's Historic Season Comes to an End

Over the weekend, the Badgers went to Allendale to compete in their first ever regionals tournament. The first game came on Friday when the Badgers took on Minnesota. Unsurprisingly, the Badgers took it to the Gophs, and sank the boat. The final score was 6-3 with outstanding performances from everyone. With a win against the Gophers, the Badgers faced off against Marian the next day in a battle. The boys grinded, fought, and left everything out on the ice on Saturday, but sadly, fell short 5-4. With that loss the Badgers came to a close on their season, but not without high spirits. The boys made history this year. This was the first ever club hockey team the UW has had make it to regionals and the first ever to win a game at regionals as well. Starting all the way back in September, the boys knew this was a special group. We played hard every game, we had fun every game, and we grew together as a team to ultimately, get to the best position this club has ever been in. Thanks to everyone that came out to support us this year, it's been one hell of a ride. Next year, we will be back, and we will be even hungrier.

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